Thursday, January 16, 2014

Primroses in Galvanized Pail

The cold temps and fog here are starting to get to me...I am so tired of cold, dark, and dreary! To help my mood a little, I bought some primroses and set them in a pail in front of the store. Isn't it amazing how just a little bit of color can brighten things up?

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~ Becky ~


  1. So cute! I love flowers in galvanized buckets. I have one I'm waiting to fill. It never occurred to me to just sit them in there! Thanks!

    Misty @

  2. I love seeing the flowers this time of year! I have spring fever like you wouldn't believe...! your post is so pretty! xoox

  3. I worked in the garden the entire day even though it was so hot and I was dripping. What disparity between parts of the country! Anyway, I have a galvanized bucket and want a change from the dried baby's breath. You gave me a great idea. I am headed to the nursery for some primrose tomorrow.

  4. One thing about Oregon they always have pretty little flowers in the nursery year around.
    My daughter lives around Portland and the flowers at Hagens grocery are always pretty
    I hope they lifted your spirits they did mine

  5. Love seeing the flowers. We are so cold and so up to our knees in snow it was nice to dream of flowers and sunshine and warmth hopefully soon.


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